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Colour changing candles are unique to South Africa and new users are enjoying the multi purposes of these candles.
As soon as the candle wick has been lit, the wax of the candle starts displaying the numerous colours of the spectrum exuding a relaxing ambiance as the colours change.
Candles play an important role in creating and improving any atmosphere such as relaxation and are frequently seen in surroundings such as weddings, business functions, parties, restaurants and intimate dinners, around a relaxing bath, on dining tables at banquets, in Bed & Breakfast establishments, homes and spas.
With Christmas around the corner, colour changing candles would be perfect gifts and also complement any Christmas décor such as the coloured lights on a Christmas tree.
Let’s look at a few places where colour changing candles could be utilised to present a professional approach.

1; Weddings: The colours displayed through these candles could complement the colours of the bridal party and theme

2; Business functions: Let your clients see that you are prepared to go the extra mile with the little touches to make the venue attractive.

3; Restaurants: It is common practice for the waitress to light a candle on your table to set the stage for an enjoyable and relaxing time ahead

4; Intimate dinner: Our colour changing candle creates the romantic atmosphere desired for an anniversary dinner.

5; Relaxing Bath: Imagine the soothing ambiance of colour changing candles surrounding you while relaxing in a hot bath after a hard day’s activities.

6; Bed & Breakfast/Home: Show your guests and family that you care about the small things that bring pleasure to your home.
Colour changing candles come in a variety of sizes and styles and are made from high quality clear wax.
It is more than just a candle, it’s an experience.